How the Book is Coming

I’m going over last corrections and illustrations now, and it’s time to start moving on the marketing plan. Even with big houses, you have to have your own plan, and most importantly, your own following.

Any plan these days involves getting as many people as possible interested in the book before it comes out, as well as once it’s available. So there will be special offerings, audios, and videos on YouTube.

It’s vital to get as many people to buy on the launch date as possible, to be noticed by best-seller lists, which is what gets the book out to a wider audience. Here’s how you can help:

  • LIKE the book page, and talking about it on Facebook
  • Follow the blog
  • Mention book/blog/Fb page to your followers
  •  Follow on Twitter: fromhurttojoy
  • Share it with your email list or anyone you think could benefit from the book.

I want From Hurt to Joy to help as many people as possible! Thanks so much for helping me with this dream! Look for specials coming shortly!

How have you gotten the word out about a big project?


About Sarah Gillen

Sarah Gillen, MA, PCC, LMFT, is a credentialed leadership coach, and a marriage and family therapist with 30 years experience. Her own book, The Path Beyond Pain: Using your Energy Dynamics to create the life you want is due out in 2010. She developed a protocol for releasing trauma and pain synergizing Energy Medicine, Oriental Medicine, and Buddhist and Western psychology. As well as coaching leaders to achieve more and be more fulfilled, Sarah now teaches hundreds of people to heal and protect themselves and to manifest their potential by learning skills that enhance their energy systems. Sarah also coaches parents. Due to her unique perceptual abilities, she has discovered solutions for challenging childhood problems such as abandonment terror, sleep and eating issues in small children, hypersensitivity, and teen angst. Sarah is writing another book proposing a new child developmental phase called peri-adolescence, as a result of examining the causes and effects of eight-to-eleven-year-olds' accelerated development. Her website is:  
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4 Responses to How the Book is Coming

  1. bwfoster78 says:

    I notice that you seem to advocate the blogging method of marketing for books. Is this your first book? How did it work for you?

    I’ll be self publishing my first novel in the spring, and I’m heavy into researching marketing. One group seems to say that blogs and social media are the way to go. The other group says that it’s pretty much a waste of time because converting readers to buyers is so difficult.

    Anyway, just looking for some first hand accounts. I did a review of one marketing book I read, How to Make a Killing on Kindle, over on my blog ( I thought the book made a lot of sense. At the very least, at $5, it was worth the information it gave me.



    • Sarah Gillen says:

      Hey Brian, thanks for the tip on the kindle marketing book. I’ve researched marketing for years, and the people writing non-fiction seem to do well with social media. It has to be combined with reaching out to people to have them show the book to their lists, as well as trying to get as many sales on the launch day as possible, in order to make it on a best -seller list. i have heard that it’s harder with fiction, but I’d think that giving it away, for the price of shipping, in order to reach critical mass, is something to look into. Good luck with your book! What’s it about? I’ll look for news of it.

      • bwfoster78 says:


        My novel, Power of the Mages, is an epic fantasy about a teenage nerd who is dreaming about a beautiful girl. Unfortunately, the dreams are leaving him incredibly tired, like he’s getting no rest at all. A catcher, someone who executes magic users, shows up in his town and arrests him. That sets him and his friends on the run trying to escape death, rescue the girl, and save their kingdom from being overrun.

        I plan to release it Spring of next year.

        Thanks for your reply and for your interest in my novel!


      • Sarah Gillen says:

        I think fantasy novels are great. They often can be vehicles for psychological and spiritual questions and lessons. Good luck with yours.

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