About Sarah Gillen

Sarah Gillen, MA, LMFT, PCC, is a marriage and family therapist and credentialed leadership coach. She has 30 years experience helping people release trauma and pain and manifest their true gifts and potential. Her unique Energy  Therapy techniques are a synergy of Energy Medicine, Oriental Medicine, and Buddhist and Western psychology. Her work comes from her own struggle with trauma, her high sensitivity and strong psychic and empathic skills. Sarah now teaches you to heal, protect yourself, and to enhance your life using Energy Dynamics skills. She also helps leaders maximize their  organizations’ effectiveness through implementing Energy Dynamics.

See her website at sarahgillen.com.


2 Responses to About Sarah Gillen

  1. Lea Belair says:

    What if we did really look at the purpose of life as “to be happy”?
    Sara’s provocative proposition – “At the center of each person is a still place, a well of deep and abiding bliss.” – reminds us that the turmoil and chaos of experience is truly the sideshow of who we are beyond the experiencer.
    Read her book as part of your journey to center of yourself!

    • Sarah Gillen says:

      Thanks, Lea! I bet there is quite a bit on the subject in your book, Walk on Water.
      The question for a lot of people is how to get there, when the turmoil seems so huge.
      I’m hoping that readers find that there truly is a way beyond pain to joy, if we do the work.

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