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Sarah Gillen, MA, PCC, LMFT, is a credentialed leadership coach, and a marriage and family therapist with 30 years experience. Her own book, The Path Beyond Pain: Using your Energy Dynamics to create the life you want is due out in 2010. She developed a protocol for releasing trauma and pain synergizing Energy Medicine, Oriental Medicine, and Buddhist and Western psychology. As well as coaching leaders to achieve more and be more fulfilled, Sarah now teaches hundreds of people to heal and protect themselves and to manifest their potential by learning skills that enhance their energy systems. Sarah also coaches parents. Due to her unique perceptual abilities, she has discovered solutions for challenging childhood problems such as abandonment terror, sleep and eating issues in small children, hypersensitivity, and teen angst. Sarah is writing another book proposing a new child developmental phase called peri-adolescence, as a result of examining the causes and effects of eight-to-eleven-year-olds' accelerated development. Her website is:  

Valuing Yourself Highly

Here’s an excerpt of chapter 16:   Even when we have done the work of facing painful feelings and restructuring self-defeating beliefs, many of us continue the habit of questioning ourselves unnecessarily or turning against ourselves when something goes wrong. Self-doubt … Continue reading

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How do we process the shooting in CT elementary school?

Several people have asked, “I feel my heart is broken. Maybe I’m supposed to be heart-broken for a while. But what do you tell yourself when you hear the news like this, so that you can go on?” Besides working … Continue reading

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Inherent Worthiness

(a Meditation on Happiness by Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD, in his book, Happier) “To lead a happy life, we must experience a sense of inherent worthiness. As Nathaniel Branden writes, ‘In order to seek values, man (sic) must consider himself worthy … Continue reading

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The Journey ~~~~~by Mary Oliver

One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began, though the voices around you kept shouting their bad advice– though the whole house began to tremble and you felt the old tug at your ankles. “Mend my … Continue reading

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How the Book is Coming

I’m going over last corrections and illustrations now, and it’s time to start moving on the marketing plan. Even with big houses, you have to have your own plan, and most importantly, your own following. Any plan these days involves … Continue reading

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Why to go with a small publisher

Of course I wanted a well-known publisher to grab my book and offer me a huge advance. I sent proposals and samples to agents and many houses. This is a terrible time to break into the publishing biz. Over the … Continue reading

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It’s so important to relax

It’s getting to the latter part of summer. Some people are clinging to every last sunshine moment, and some here in the USA are already buckling down to work. Americans take very little vacation time, and often it’s several long … Continue reading

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